It's all about smiles...

Our children make us smile. Sometimes they do or say something funny. Sometimes it is a question they ask. Maybe it’s a picture they made. Enjoy the following "smiles".


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Co-Sleeping End

(From Sue)
The night we decided to end co-sleeping was the night when our little girl woke up in the middle of the night and said:
Mommy, daddy, quit bouncing!


My 5-year old: “Mommy? Can I have a twik?

Me: “You mean Twix?

My 5-year old: “No. I only want one”


2-year-old: “What’s that?” Can I hold it?”

Me: “That’s a calculator.”

2-year-old: “No, that’s a calcuNOW.”


(From Evelyn)
One of my co-teachers had been complaining to the school administration about the state of her classroom computers in her special education preschool.  How bad were the computers? Well one day one of her students turned to the teacher in all frustration and said:
“Miss Cindi, this computer is too slow!”

Personal Cheerleader

While working out one day, I had my own personal cheerleader. As my 4 year old daughter watched me panting and wheezing, she says “You can do it mom, I believe in you.” I was thinking how sweet that was, then she said “This is going to kill you, I’m outta here.” (Kelly Freeman / Tulsa, OK)

Nick Jonas

My 3-year-old son saw Nick Jonas singing on TV and said,
He doesn’t have any friends, does he?


Soccer coach: “When you are trying to score a goal, kick the ball with the laces of your shoes.”

My 4-year-old daughter: “Umm, we are in preschool.  Dere’s only belcro [velcro] walking around here.”