Toward the end of my career as a preschool teacher I started sending out ‘Dear Parent’ weekly letters because I realized that the parents of my students were facing the same issues and questions that I struggled with as a young mother. I wanted to provide the parents with all the information that I wish I had way back then.

While there are many books, web pages and blogs on pre-school children, most are based on one theory or one way of doing things.  They are worth reading; each may have some bit of information (or a lot of bits of information) that answer a parent’s questions.  What I try to do with my "Dear Parent'" letters is to give parents the information they need to craft unique solutions which will fit their own child and their own family.

I understand that parents may not want, or be able, to wait for the information they need to be published here in the ‘Dear Parent’ letter section of the site. Please see the "Ask Evelyn..." page for specific questions and answers. Feel free to go through them as many parents have the same struggles. I encourage you to submit your own questions. Use this form. As questions are received, I will answer and post at least one a week.

Evelyn Satterlee, M.Ed.