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PICKY EATER - My child is a very picky eater.
How do I get her to eat a wider variety of foods? Signed, Jen
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CO-SLEEPING - When do I end co-sleeping with my preschooler? He just turned 3. Signed Cassie C.
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TV & SUGAR - I Have been personally trying to figure out what kind of effect TV and sugar in
[my children’s] diet has on their development. Did you ever notice a behavioral or learning difference between kids that weren’t allowed these things and those that did? Signed, Breanna V.
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DEFIANCE! - Our five-year-old daughter has recently become very defiant. We explicitly told her not to take an old, non-working cell phone to preschool, but she sneaked it out and took it to school, where it was confiscated. Then we told her she couldn't wear some fancy shoes to school. She hid them in her backpack, wore them at school, and then came home without socks because her feet hurt. [Read question and answer]

Dear Evelyn,

My brother and I are in middle school. We are worried about our 4-year-old sister. While we are neat and pick up after ourselves, our sister is messy and leaves her toys all over the house. [Read question and answer]