Evelyn Satterlee, M.Ed. - My Approach

I believe that parents want to be good parents and they do the best they can with what they have. I believe that there is more than one right way to do things. I believe that all children deserve a good home and a good education. I believe that each child deserves respect for their individuality. I believe parents, families and teachers need to work together to make the best possible learning environment for each child. I believe in the power of love.

This is not a site about me, but I do want you to know my background and the experience that I bring to what I believe in when it comes to "my approach" as noted above.

My Story...

I graduated from the University of Washington with a Master of Education Degree.  I earned a 2-year scholarship and stipend for my attendance and participation in Master’s Level Personnel Preparation: Preparing Early Childhood Interventions to Work with Special Infant/Toddlers and Their Families Including Minority Families.

My undergraduate degree was also earned at the University of Washington.  I received a Bachelor of Science from the department of Speech, Hearing and Language.  As with all teachers, I took continuing education classes each year after I received my initial teaching certificate.

After graduation, I taught one year at Quileute Tribal School in La Push and 2 years at the North Bend Elementary School, both in Washington State.

I worked for DODDS* for a total of 10 years.  For 2 years, I was the Preschool Language Impaired Teacher and for 8 years I was a Preschool Special Education Teacher.  I worked at schools in S. Korea and England.   At different times throughout the years I also taught skiing at a children’s ski school and English as a Second Language to Adults and children.

*[The United States Department of Defense Dependent Services (DODDS) maintains schools for the families of our service members.]

Like many moms, I organized and taught Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and Confirmation.  I coached t-ball and served many years as room mother for different grades. I was involved in PTA. When my children were little, I babysat before and after school for friends who were working.  At times, I also held down different jobs.  I worked several Christmases in toy stores for extra Christmas money.  I worked as an office manager, helping to start up 2 different companies.

Once I returned to school to earn my degrees we (that is my husband and I) ‘hosted’ foreign students.  They lived with us and paid board and room.  This also was an important part of my education.  The majority of our students attended college to take English as a Second Language. We hosted students from France, Russia, Taiwan, Japan and Mexico. Most stayed a year or more.  They shared their cultural and belief systems with us as we did with them. Hosting,  combined with my travel and live abroad experiences, has given me a wide world view.